Shamanic Therapeutic Sessions


Sita and Rush Dorsett discuss Shamanism on the Free Your Voice Summit

Shamanism has been a powerful form of medicine through most of humanity’s history. As western medicine has advanced, the focus on a healthy connection to the spirit has been lost. But it gets sick too. Injury to the spirit could be the root cause of any illnesses like depression, disease and physical pain. A shaman has the ability to reach unreachable places within you — mending, creating clarity when there has been confusion and empowering a new life of possibility and success.

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“For the last 55 years I have been living with the pain and post trauma of my sister’s murder. I wanted what remained of my life to be different. This is a testimonial to the shamanic healing I participated in with Sita.

To acknowledge my resulting freedom from the emotional pain I held. To acknowledge a resulting change in the way I now participate in life. To acknowledge my new ability to process life and life’s challenges from a place within me not driven by fear. But rather, from a calm not allowed before.”

Pam A., Chaumont, NY