Meet Sita

Meet Sita Kelly

Sita Hagenburg

My Story

I have a degree in Religious Studies from The University of California, Santa Barbara. When I was 24, I became a nun at The Vedanta Society where I took final vows of renunciation (Sannyas vows) and remained in the convent for 14 years. Entering into a shamanic state and working with guidance on behalf of others came after two significant events in my life.

The first was when my spiritual teacher passed away. I was by his side and his spirit passed through me leaving an opening in my heart, creating space for me to connect with creation. Soon after I left monastic life. The pain of leaving caused a psychological break so strong in me that, to survive, I had to expand my consciousness. This transition was the second significant event. I was introduced to Susan Grimaldi, an internationally renowned Native American shaman. She began treating me with shamanic sessions. Through her recognition and mentoring, and through the help of my spiritual lineage, I began work as a shaman.

What Sita Does

Sita Kelly is a practicing Shaman and has been a spiritual aspirant for 25 years. She offers One on One Comprehensive Shamanic Sessions to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Sita provides relief from both old traumas and more recent wounds. Common issues that clients are dealing with are grief, anger, depression, fear, confusion and feelings of being stuck. People also come with questions about their personal spiritual path. Sita can help guide their exploration, providing insight and steps to a more meaningful journey.

Listen to Sita talk about her background and practice

“My experience with Sita was extraordinary. I had never done a Shamanic Session before, and I was so impressed with the whole experience. She was patient, kind, non-judgmental, a thorough listener and everything you could ask for in a practitioner. This experience was more than just a therapy session: it’s dealing with your soul and your actual spirit inside of you. Its not on the mental or physical plane, which is why it is so deeply restorative.. and I actually physically felt my spirit in the session! Thank you Sita for this profound experience, I cannot wait to come back. I’m so lucky to have found you.”

Ashley Scott