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“Sita Hagenburg is a shamanic practitioner who focuses on finding the root causes of spiritual distress and bringing you back into balance. During the sessions, she plays a drum to shift her consciousness out of ordinary physical reality and into the spiritual realm. Hagenburg says the work presents itself as a mosaic to her. What we say: We like her soothing bedside manner and assured presence. Her sessions manage to be both relaxing and mind-opening.” Read here

Sita on Goop
Sita on Enlightenedhood

Enlightenedhood Podcast

Sita gives us the play-by-play of what shamanic work actually looks like for her, how she floats between altered states of consciousness, and how she uses her practice to help others be well. Sita also offers amazing advice on how to flow with the current global pandemic.
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Your Hidden Power Podcast

Host Doug Stephan and Co-Host Laura Banks welcome Shamanism and Healer Sita Hagenburg. Sita has a degree in Religious Studies from The University of California, Santa Barbara. When she was 24, she became a nun at The Vedanta Society for 14 years. Sita was introduced to Susan Grimaldi, an internationally renowned Native American shaman, who began treating her with shamanic sessions. Through her recognition and mentoring, and through the help of her spiritual lineage, she began work as a shaman. A shaman has the ability to reach unreachable places within you — mending, creating clarity when there has been confusion and empowering a new life of possibility and success. Listen here

Sita on the Your Hidden Power Podcast by Doug Stephan by
Sita Kelly on the Free Your Voice podcast with Ruch Dorsett

Free Your Voice

Sita Kelly and Rush Dorsett on the Free Your Voice Summit. Listen here