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Comprehensive Healing For People of All Ages

The session begins with a conversation to determine the focus of your shamanic experience. Come with one concern, multiple concerns, or for general health. I play my drum while you listen. (A drum is a common tool shamans use to shift their consciousness out of ordinary physical reality and into the spiritual realm where the healing takes place. This is called a shaman’s journey.) During the healing you lay comfortably in a quiet space to effortlessly accept and receive the work. The journey I take for you becomes like a mosaic — I am guided in many directions gathering information, removing pieces that don’t belong, as well as bringing back missing pieces. By the end it all fits into a perfect picture that is you, without the hurt, confusion, or damage to your soul that was previously there. I conclude by sharing this mosaic with you and any important advice or prescriptions. Sessions last approximately 90 minutes.

Shamanic practices are spiritual in nature and take place outside of this realm of ordinary physical reality. The limitations of time and space do not apply so I can conduct the session with equal success both in person or remotely.

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Remote Sessions
$200 – Worldwide

Offered over the phone.
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