What is Shamanism

What is Shamanism

Sita Hagenburg - pebbles in the sandAncient, universal doctoring that deals with the spiritual aspect of illness — injury to the spirit or soul. For the last ten thousand years, if not longer, shamans have effectively worked with illnesses. To do this they consciously journey or take flight out of this realm of ordinary physical reality and enter into alternate realms that are normally hidden. Once there, they work with spiritual guidance — their helping spirits — to remove pain and bring wholeness back to the patient’s soul. It’s no coincidence that core shamanic practices are the same whether they originate in Siberia, the Amazon or the United States. Shamanism has never exclusively belonged to any one religion, culture or race. It’s a living, evolving methodology for creating health that has been with humanity from the very beginning.

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Shamanic Sessions

Primary root causes of spiritual illness.

Loss of Power is present in any physical illness, emotional trauma, or life problem. It makes us weak and less able to defend ourselves against viruses, bacteria, people who drain our energy and life situations that harm us. When you’ve lost power, it’s hard to navigate ‘life’s boat’ away from muddy waters. You may experience loss of power as depression, anger, chronic health problems, or a series of life misfortunes.

Soul Loss is when a person loses part of their soul or essence. It can happen during any trauma that produces shock, like an accident, surgery, abuse, war, natural disaster, divorce, the death of a loved one. You may experience it as disassociation, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, illness, weakened immunity, addiction, grief, anger. People can have a sense of not being fully alive or themselves with soul loss.

Intrusions in your spiritual plane happen when you are in a state of vulnerability from power or soul loss. Just like when you catch a cold because you are run down. They cause illness and pain, often (but not exclusively) in a localized area of the body. Old intrusions can feel like a long-term or chronic problem. Newer intrusions can be localized pain or something you don’t feel yet, but have the opportunity to prevent from manifesting.

I work with authentic shamanic techniques.

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  • Soul Retrieval: I journey to recover soul part/s lost during trauma so you can feel vibrant and like yourself again
  • Extraction Healing: I remove spiritual intrusions to help with illness and pain and as a preventative health measure.
  • Soul Mending: I repair or mend damage to your soul caused from loss of power, soul loss, or intrusions.
  • Word Doctoring: A heightened form of listening and communication I use to help you receive back and integrate lost power and soul parts as you move forward in your life.

These descriptions are only meant to paint a picture. During the actual shamanic session, I work with guidance and use any technique I am shown in the moment to prevent and remove pain so you can be well.

I love to do work surrounding the death process. For example, with people approaching their own death or with friends and relatives of the deceased who want to help their loved one move on with ease.

Sita and Rush Dorsett Discuss Shamanism
on the Free Your Voice Summit

Sita and Rush Dorsett discuss Shamanism on the Free Your Voice Summit

What to Expect During Your Session

We start with a conversation to determine the focus of your shamanic experience. Come with one concern, multiple concerns, or for general health. I play my drum or rattle while you listen. (Shamans use these tools to shift their consciousness out of ordinary physical reality and into the spiritual realm where the journey takes place. This is called a shaman’s journey.)

While you lay in a quiet space, the journey I take for you becomes like a mosaic — I am guided in many directions gathering information, removing pieces that don’t belong, as well as bringing back missing pieces. By the end it all fits into a perfect picture that is you, without the hurt, confusion, or damage to your soul that was previously there. I share this mosaic with you with any important advice or prescriptions. Sessions last approximately 90 minutes.

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Shamanic practices are spiritual in nature and take place outside of this realm of ordinary physical reality. The limitations of time and space do not apply so I can conduct the session with equal success both in person or remotely.

“My shamanic session with Sita was nothing short of amazing. Her keen listening abilities and intuitive skills enabled me to feel relaxed and comfortable as she walked me through each step of the process. By the end I had a new sense of self-realization and calmness.”

Sue L., Bangor, PA